hey there!


i’m decembuary! i like cats, writing, and outer space. you can call me calico, decem, or athena!!

feel free to PM me on CS if you have questions or need help! i have too much free time & a great love of feeling productive.


stuff about me:
my birthday is on april 16th. 16 is my favorite number only for this reason. 9 is also a good one i would saymy sun sign is aries, my rising sign is leo, and my moon sign is cancer! overall, a really bad combinationunfortunately i took the test multiple times and kept getting different answers, so now i don’t know if my myers briggs type is INTP or INTJmy patronus is a fox, and my house is ravenclaw! my favorite color is blue!!

stuff you didn’t ask to know:
i drew the thing up there!! i don’t even remember what i originally drew it for but it’s there nowi have a calico cat named summer! she has no self preservation whatsoever and strikes fear deep into my heart every day because she jumpscares me constantly from behind the couchi like basically everything mango flavored!! pineapple or lemon or apple is also usually a safe second choice. i am sorry to say that i don’t enjoy grape very muchi like writing a lot which is why i spend around 0% of my free time actually writing :”)my favorite genres generally are fantasy and/or sci-fi!i am so inconsistent with usernames that i hardly use any username twice. if you see another decembuary somewhere, that’s not me. if you see a username involving calicos and tabbies or involving the word athena, though, that might possibly be me

find me:
i’m athena#0113 on discord & very active there!! one of the things i’m really talented at is opening discord every 2 minutes or else i’ll diei play animal crossing pocket camp!! my ID is 07841932914, if you would like to add me as a friend on there 👍

q & a
q. cats?
a. cats.

q. what color are sunsets on mars?
a. they’re blue!

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